Marius Dufour

This project concentrates on the stretch of land between WSKLUM(Watersport Klub Luchtmacht / Belgian Air Force Nautical Club),and the Vilvoorde Gas-turbine power plant. (cooling tower in the background of the picture)

Axonometric drawing of the surroundings, note the heterogeneous nature of the (sub)urban fabric.

A collage showing the activities around the selected sight along with land marks and features of the landscape.

The project is based around treatment of Sludge from the canal in combination with Organic Waste in a bid to recuperate some of  the nutrients lost through erosion. I will propose a prototype installation capable of treating about 1/8 of the sludge from the Brussels region (5.000 m^3/year out of about 40.000 m^3/year). The goal is to move all of this waste/fertile soil/sludge through the canal. This will involve some on site laboratories and also a small exhibition space about organic waste treatment and the canal.


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