VLV Cat Site Park

Amina Belguendouz, Virginie Basello

CAT SITE PARK, a destination

Current State

CAT Site is an area of 40ha between the territory of Vilvoorde and Machelen owned by Renault before closing. The site located, near the Canal, Brussels Airport, the Ring and next the Vilvoorde Station, have been heavily contaminated by its industrial past and its use as a landfill for household waste.

Vilvoorde and Machelen are not well connected. The cities are separated by a main road on the East limits and by a bank on which the railway tracks are located. The inhabitants of Machelen go to Vilvoorde for the facilities. This daily flow is mostly done by car or public transportation because of the lack of safe and pleasurable pedestrian path. Taking all of the feature of the site, this parking plot of CAT-SITE is a great opportunity to create a destination, between the two cities, where we come to spend the day in family, creating relationships and a new area where citizens from both villages can take advantages of new facilities.

The high rate of rain, the topography and the lack of impermeable soil often causes flood on the site. That amount of water could be recollected in a more efficient way and be treated in the same time as the Trawool that is polluted upstream of CAT-SITE.

Almost 1/3 of the site was used for landfill activity. The soil need to be regenerate if the city want to build on it.

There is not that much green area around CAT-Site, most of it is dedicated to the agriculture. Only a very few of this area are devoted to public parks or gardens,  no place where people can visite a peaceful green area at all.

Our proposition is to make a park where the water of the Trawool river and the rain water can be treated. That way people can go in the water at the end of the treatment cycle. In the park there is also a part for the soil remediation, using the phytoremediation.
For the mobility, there will be a passage under the railway to connect CAT-Site and Vilvoorde and a bridge to connect the site and Machelen.


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