VLV Forges de Clabecq – Temporary Housing

Zuzana Púcha

Presentation of the site

Vilvoorde is a fast growing city with many economical activities, situated about 20 minutes by car from the central Brussels and close to the airport.

The site Forges de Clabecq is a northwestern part of the city. In the 20th century there was placed a black industry of the city; creation of coke oven’s company and in consequence Forges de Clabecq built 50 houses for workers. In 1986 it was the end of the company and all the buildings related to its creation were destroyed.

These days we can consider this site to be a lucrative location near the canal and the river with a walking distance to the city centre. Following the gradual removal of soil and river pollution, there is a certain redevelopment of the site.

My first intentions

« Trees rather than buildings will serve as the catalyst of urbanization. Vegetal clusters rather than new building complexes will provide the site’s identity. »  Rem Koolhaas, Downsview Park in Toronto

I propose to use this site as the park’s primary urban component with the mixity of functions focusing mainly on temporary housings.

Spatial challenges:

  • make the site more accessible and reinforce its ecosystem potentiel
  • integration of light industrial and agricultural activities in the urban tissue
  • temporary housing, low-cost solutions
  • reuse of the existing industrial patrimony (Hangar Parmentier)
  • adapt the city to its young population


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