C. Analysis

Mounit Kodo

Location of the project and local partners in Vilvoorde

Some existing companies in Vilvoorde already deal with recycling issues, and would be interesting partners. For example :
– NNOF (Nearly New Office Facilities) and Your Mover help companies moving their offices and collects their old furniture or devices in order to redesign new ones.
– Umicore recycles and valorizes metallic waste (including precious metals) into new metallic items which can be used as building materials.
– Stallaert Recycling is a container park and extended its activities from construction waste to a more general waste management, including collecting, removal and recycling.
– CVB Ecologistics deals with collecting and recycling paper and plastics.


Insertion & access

Access to the site will favor visitors and preferably separate the occasionnal professionnal trucks, using the road along the Canal rather than coming through the neighbourhood.
Parking space will be limited in order to encourage a slow mobility logic for visitors, helped among other things by a home delivery service.





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