TGN Intermodal Ports

Alejandro Martínez, Daniela Galárraga


After an investigation about Intermodal and Innovative ports, we can resume about three critical points. The optimal relationship of every chain of the process of transport. The well-connected port to his hinterland and the optimisation of spaces and efficient intermodality into the port.

Port of Tarragona is doing a chance to open a new cruise business to diversify the activities in the port and to the territory. We think a cruise terminal is necessary to project it into our topic point of view. Today, the project of port authorities for a cruise terminal is to put it near to Port Aventura, and forget the city.

Traffic flows of Tarragona territory

After a research of traffic flows, mobility, future plans of public transport and new touristic “el Serrallo” area, we saw a good point to put the cruise terminal. Moll d’Aragó area has a critical point in between of the port and the city that could be perfect to build a new cruise terminal without build a new dock into the sea.

Two different ecosystems with two different flows. The city in front of the port
Harbour activities

This point is interesting because it has direct connection to the territory by road by the port bridge directly to the highways to Reus Airport, Port Aventura… About its characteristics of a point in between two ecosystems is the greatest advantage. We put a port activity for people. But port activity cannot allow people, so our project can combine port places with urban places. This is helpful for seasonable activities. Cruise activity has a season to May to October, like passengers in airport. We need to be able the cruise activity with cargo activities all together.

Our Strategies:

Two accesses – The bridge of Moll de Reus and direct access from the city
Positioning “in between” – Benefit from cargo areas for future ro-ro activities and also a new urban space in the port
Bringing the city to the port – Enable the use of the port as an urban space

Our project also works with the future tram of Tarragona, planning a new line to link cruise terminal to Port Aventura and the rest of the territory

New tram line proposal for Camp de Tarragona

The proposal begins with the idea of optimizing the space of the port instead of building a new dock for the cruise terminal. We can also use this as an opportunity to open the port to the citizens and letting them be part of different and temporary activities.

The aim of the project is overlapping two different functionalities with the purpose of stretching the activities of the city to its front and turning Tarragona’s Port into a space, where two different ecosystems like Port and City can live together.

In the process to obtain a “form” we focus on traffic flows to understand the necessities. Our platform have fingers instead of holes to create the urban space. We need these spaces to fan pollution of vehicles. These fingers also help us to create different spaces into one, to create some events with different characteristics.

Actual traffic flows. In yellow, road flow. In orange, train flow
Definition of form from traffic flow study
Proposal Level 0: Yellow, cargo transport flow. Red, “public” road flow

Cruise season exists from May to October. One of our challenges for the project is to combine uses and activities instead to get out actual port work to put cruises. With mixed activities we secure this place will never be empty or without activity

Different uses for Summer – Winter season


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